Enormous ballbusting of the forced slave

These horny bastards hate watching the signs of suffer and pain on the faces of their slaves. That is why this time they put a mask on the slave making the play more intriguing. However the guy does not expect to be turned to a submissive slave and a sex toy for torments executions. The dominative babes turn hot horny and cannot prevent the lecherous desire of pain and suffer. They rope the balls and cock of the slave and perform severe hand beating of the balls. The next moment the poor slaved guy feels the teeth squeezing severely his cock. He cannot stand the pain any more begging the bitches for mercy, but instead get another portion of immense pain. One of the bitches sits on his face deeping his nose and tongue in her horny wet cunt. The Russian domina females get enormous pleasure of their torment performance!

Title: Enormous ballbusting of the forced slave

Submited by: domme

Category: babes

Added on: April 2nd, 2012

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