Two mistresses perform a fierce ball torturing

The mistresses want a new entertainment to warm up their moods and enjoy them a bit. Their slave knows the mistresses are very cruel however, he hopes they will repent him. What a naive mistake! The brutal babes long for the cruelest sufferings they have ever seen in this room. Therefore, they start the performance of ball kicking and smashing. The slave cannot bear the piercing pain of each move. He screams and begs not to be so fierce; however, the begging just spices the babes up. The cruel bastards take the rope and twitch the balls as strong so they are swollen. When he almost crashes exhausted they force him to stand au and spread his legs very wide so they can reach his balls with their tender feet.

Title: Two mistresses perform a fierce ball torturing

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Added on: February 27th, 2012

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