Unexpected visit turns to a torturing feast

The hot ladies figure out a cruel plan of turning their friend to a slave. The hotties rush at the guy and grasp him trying to immobilize. They put a mask on him and try to make him obey meeting a strong rebuff! However several strong kicks on his balls and cock make him totally submissive and turn to a sissy slave ready to fulfill all the mistresses’ whims. Unfortunately they do not wish anything else except cruel torments of the slave’s body. The screams of painful suffering and unbearable humiliation just spice up their rage! The bitches know the cock end to be the most sensitive so they severely beat it with the hands pulling the duck away. What an enormous painful suffering and humiliation of two brutal domina ladies!

Title: Unexpected visit turns to a torturing feast

Submited by: domme

Category: balls

Added on: February 19th, 2012

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