Police mistress performs severe torturing

Having seized the escaper the cruel police mistress will not miss the perfect chance of getting torturing pleasure and faithfully fulfilling her jib. The brutal bastard takes the clothes off the guy and fixes him with chains to extort the desired information. She severely beats the stranger slave for keeping silence and moaning of pain and humiliation. When whipping does not perform a desired result the Russian mistress gets down to the most painful ways of torment she has ever known. The police bitch ropes the cock and balls of her insubmissive slave and twitches them with severe delight! The slave tries to hide his genitals from the whips however; the mistress successfully crashes the whips on him. She lights up a candle and drops the burning hot wax over the cock of her forced slave hoping it will be the last way to get the necessary information.

Title: Police mistress performs severe torturing

Submited by: domme

Category: bitch

Added on: March 5th, 2012

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