Brutal ballbusting practice

The cruel hot mistress longs for torturing and sufferings of her disobedient naughty slave. He deserves to be fiercely punished to learn the brutal lesson of good slave behavior. This time the mistress gets pins and fixes it one by one on the ball sack of her slave. Twisting any of them makes the slave moan for tolerance and mercy. However, she forgets these notions during torments executions. The hot babe ropes the pinned balls and cock, and twitches them severely until they are swollen and then the babe strongly kicks his cock with her elegant foot. What a pleasure she gets during this humiliating dominative process. The exhausted slave begs the Russian babe to stop however getting her even hotter!

Title: Brutal ballbusting practice

Submited by: domme

Category: mistress

Added on: March 14th, 2012

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