Willow touch on the balls

The slave does not want to obey his mistress and should be severely punished. The mistress tries to explain the bastard that the rebelling will not help and she will break him down any way. However the poor dim slave disregards the orders of the mistress. So she puts a mask on him not to watch his suffering on the face and begins severe practice. As the whip does not help the cruel babe gets a real willow and strike at the naked slave. The bestial is going to strike out his disobedience no matter how cruel and hard the punishment should be. The most severe pain is only waiting for the slave when the mistress gets his cock in her hand and squeezes it with immense strength so the balls get swollen. When the willow crashes the balls the slave begs for mercy.

Title: Willow touch on the balls

Submited by: domme

Category: mistress

Added on: March 28th, 2012

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