Domina mistress presents abusive play

The rude female strives for real brutal pleasure forcing her slave to obey and become an object of her tortures. However, he tries to resists the abusive submission and gets severe punishment. The babe steps on her ugly sissy slave and forces him to clean her shoes with his dirty tongue. The strict mistress desires a hotter play and sits on the slave’s face with her pussy open and hot. His tongue is exactly the thing she wants in her pussy. Feeling the warm wet licking the bitch gets enormous satisfaction and delight. She slaps the poor guy inspiring him to be more passionate and tender. Being absolutely satisfied the Russian mistress spits on the floor forcing the slave to lick insatiably her spit as a gratitude for her mercy. This disgusting bastard does not deserve to be pardoned of his sex sins. He will be cruelly dominated!

Title: Domina mistress presents abusive play

Submited by: domme

Category: punishment

Added on: February 29th, 2012

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